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Grants are available across the UK including England, Wales and Scotland for help obtaining a new A rated Boiler, First Time Central Heating or Roof and Wall Cavity Insulation.


Apply here and one of our Team will check your eligibility as soon as possible.  Despite high demand but we can normally check your application within 24 hours in the majority of cases.


To See if you are eligible please take 1 minutes to fill out the following no obligation application form. 

Please answer the questions honestly to help your successful application and proof of benefits will be required by us prior before any work will commence.

Please note that if you are not in receipt of the following benefits then you are NOT eligible for the ECO Grant Scheme. You can see what benefits are applicable for the Grants on our "Who Qualifies" Page

The Grant helps those families who are in receipt of certain benefits to help them to save on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprints. The replacement Grants offer a brand-new A rate Boiler as long as its over 5 years old, Cavity and Wall Insulation for your home and First Time Central Heating if you are heating your home with other non cost effective measures. 

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