First Time Central Heating System Grant Form

If you are on any benefits including child benefits or are a low-income family, please fill out the form below to find out if you are eligible for *free central heating.


I can confirm that I'am happy for Broad Oak Properties Ltd. to hold my personal information on file, undertake a benefit check on my behalf and to contact me with regards to my application.

If you have Gas / Coal / Oil with radiators you DO NOT qualify for First Time Central Heating.


First Time Central Heating

What is the First Time Central Heating Grant?

First Time Central Heating (FTCH), refers to the grant given out by the UK Government to help those who do not have an efficient central heating system with radiators or do not have one at all.

This grant can cover the supply and installation of a central heating system. The scheme is part of the Government's energy efficiency scheme named the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) which is aimed at reducing fuel poverty around the nation.


By having a new central heating system installed in your home, you can reduce the costs of heating your house and you can play your small bit in helping the planet in reducing carbon emissions.

Do I Qualify for the FTCH Grant?

To qualify for an ECO central heating grant in the UK, you either need to have had no central heating or an ineffective way of heating your home. These include but are not limited to:

  • Electric room heaters

  • Gas fire with back boiler

  • Oil room heaters


Another possible way of knowing whether you qualify for the central heating replacement grant is whether your Energy Performance Rating (EPC) rating is band C or above. One of ECOs aims is to have all houses at band C by 2035. You can check your home's energy rating in England, Wales or Northern Ireland here and here if you are in Scotland.


In addition, one person in your household will need to receive some kind of benefit from the Government. Under flexible eligibility scheme (LA Flex) rules, people with low incomes will also qualify for the fund. 

Installing a new central heating boiler.
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How Do I Apply for a *free central heating system?

Please take 1 minute to fill out the "No Obligation Application Form" above to find out if you qualify for the first-time central heating grant.

The current energy grant schemes as part of the ECO programme will run until early 2022 so now is the time to see if you are eligible for the central heating grant in the UK.

Why Should I Choose Broad Oak?

Broad Oak are a family run business that has serviced thousands of boilers, built new homes and aided the roll-out of the Government's ECO scheme since it was started in 2018. We are regional winners of the Energy Efficiency Awards 2019 and we offer an insurance-backed guarantee.

With us, you could save up to £350 on your energy bill per annum by replacing your plugin Electric Heaters, Electric Storage Heaters, Coal Fire Heating, or Gas Fire with a new efficient Gas, LPG, or Renewable Heating System with Radiators.  (Coal Fires & Gas Fires can still be kept if required).

*Conditions Apply