Replace Your Storage Heaters

for a Gas Central Heating System

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Are Storage Heaters your cheapest option to heat your home.......?

Gas Central Heating

We have funding for new Gas Central Heating including radiators if you have gas in your street. Gas Central Heating could save you up to £350 compared to using Electric Storage Heaters or other Electric Heating.

Electric storage heaters can be very inefficient and costly to run. You have to charge them at night on an economy 7 tariff, Economy 7 gives you 7 hours of cheap electricity at night but a more expensive than normal tariff during the day.

Once charged they then start to slowly release the heat into the room, with very little control of the heat output, which can lead to the heater running out of heat halfway through the day and boosting the heat during the day on the higher tariff would be extortionate.

An average well-insulated semi-detached 3-bedroom property would spend an estimated £1,900 on heating and hot water per year and produces around 4,479 of CO2e per year 


LPG Gas Heating uses a stand wet radiator system and a boiler similar to the one used on mains gas. However, you have to have a large storage tank in your garden that you rent from your gas supplier, you also have to rely on fuel deliveries.  The same 3-bedroom property as above would spend £1000 a year on heating and Hot water and produces around 3,415 of CO2e per year


Compare these to a highly efficient Air source heat pump system installed in the same property and the yearly running cost would plummet to £660 and produces 1,658 of CO2e per year.  You would also have full time and temperature control 24 hours of the day.


If you install an Air source heat pump system not only will you benefit from massively reduced energy costs and a lower carbon footprint the Government will also pay you for every renewable kW of heat you use. An ASHP installed in the property mentioned above would receive £8,300 over years through the Renewable heat incentive scheme.


Energy usage and carbon emissions figures are taken from an energy assessment on a 3 bedroom, well-insulated semi-detached property. Figures produced using SAP 9.94 software.


Renewable heat incentive figures are taken from the MCS 031 system performance estimate for the same property. 

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